About the Collective

At The Blank Collective, we believe travel should be for more than the seeing of sights. It should be for exploration, experimentation, and ultimately, evolution. Our goal is to put you at the forefront of such transformational travel and help you squeeze more out of life. 

Igniting your passion and inspiring creativity makes us happy: we offer a cocktail of expertly curated travel experiences — each focusing on a singular form of the visual or performing arts, or literature — to be enjoyed with a small group of like-minded travelers. A subject expert with deep domain knowledge leads each group; smaller group sizes allow the expert to mentor each traveler more closely.  

Why Us?

We’re not your just-another-travel-company that sells tours like retail. The Blank Collective has been designed specifically for the pensive, thoughtful traveler happier on the road less traveled than on the well-beaten path. It is for girls and boys, men and women, who prefer rich cultural immersion over bucket-list style travel. It is for those wandering souls who are ever on the lookout for new means of creative expression. 

So skip the tourist traps; ditch those misleading maps; and join us to put another feather on your creative cap! 

Come! Connect. Learn and create. All, while traveling.

Meet the Founder


Madhu Yamini

Madhu is a restless soul. She takes to travel, the way earth takes to spinning on its axis. There’d be chaos if either of the things stopped.

Having travelled extensively across Asia and Europe, she has experienced the beauty of diverse people, cultures, and stories. These journeys have also left her wondering if tourism celebrates the world or taints it. To challenge this status quo, she left her job as a visual designer at IKEA and joined the Naropa Fellowship in Ladakh to work for the Himalayan region.

This led to her venture 'The Blank Collective' which fuses immersive and responsible travel with learning arts.

Our Collaborators