Covid Protocols & Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Safety Protocols

We have consulted with experts to adapt our on-tour protocols without compromising the level of comfort and experiences.


Keeping Spaces Safe

  • We always have a small group size, and we’re reducing it even further to keep you safe. For the time being, our experiences are limited to eight guests.

  • Our homestay and transportation partners are implementing proper physical distancing by limiting the in-person presence of employees and guests in communal spaces (like dining areas)

  • Hand sanitizers have been equipped in all common areas including pottery studio, dining area, washrooms, and the cabs.

  • Strict housekeeping schedules are being implemented for better disinfection and hygiene as per the methods and materials recommended by the WHO.

  • All our team members and staff undergo daily thermal scanning.

  • In all our activities and experiences, we'll take measures to maintain social distancing and not attack anyone's hygiene or safety.

  • All areas off the homestay, cabs will be cleaned and sanitized periodically as per the guidelines issued by the government and the WHO.


Special Attention to Sanitizing


  • The Blank Collective requires all our vendors and hotels to adhere to strict operating and sanitizing standards, including specialized training for hotel and restaurant staff and stringent cleaning protocol.

  • The staff has been advised to use face masks and gloves for maintaining better hygiene as well as to avoid direct contact with guests or each other. 

  • We’ll supply you with your own disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer, to use as you prefer.

Food Preparation + Dining

  • Social distancing will extend to meals— eating at separate tables limited to travelers in the same household.

  • To ensure your comfort, we’ll also be offering more flexible dining options, including the choice to dine in-room

  • Our cooks will be required to wear masks when preparing or handling any food

  • We sanitize and wash all the cooking ingredients and utensils we use in the kitchen,

  • Travelers are advised not to share food or use any common kitchen amenities. Also, maintain social distance while dining


Requiring Your Cooperation

  • We ask that you arrive for your tour in good health. We'll ask for your travel history from the last 20 days along with your current address and where you're going next.

  • Please take note of and follow any travel restrictions or quarantine requirements in your intended destination.

  • Temperatures will be taken on arrival. A reading of ≥100 degrees will prevent any person from joining the tour.

  • We advise you to carry your own PPE like masks, sanitizers and hand gloves. We'll also keep some extra ones, available for sale, should someone need it.

  • Face coverings or masks must be worn over your nose and mouth while in the cab, in public space, at any briefings, in restaurants (of course, only when you aren’t eating)

  • Any guest who shows signs of being unwell is immediately advised to get checked at the nearest medical center.

  • Travelers are advised to be careful using the common washroom, carry their own toiletries and refrain from sharing any items with others.

  • It is recommended that you keep your profile updated on the Arogya Setu App as advised by the government.

Pricing + Payment Policy

Initial Payment / Deposit

To reserve a tour, TBC requires a 20% of the trip’s price per person deposit for scheduled departures. This deposit is included in your final payment. For example, for a trip priced at INR 40,000; you need  to pay INR 8,000 at the time of booking. 

Final Payment

Once a deposit has been received, and your reservation has been confirmed and accepted by TBC, we will send a final invoice. Final payment is required 30 days prior to arrival. For example, for a trip priced at INR 40,000; if you’ve already paid the deposit of INR 8000, you need to pay the remainder (INR 32,000) 30 days prior to the trip’s start date.

For reservations made within the final payment period (30 days prior to the trip start), final payment is due at time of booking.

Late Payment

If final payment is not received by 10 days past the final payment deadline, a late fee of INR 2000 will apply. If no payment is made, the initial payment of 20% won’t be refunded back.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

We know things aren’t the same. There is still much uncertainty. We want you to have peace of mind when you come with us. And we have designed our rescheduling and cancellation policies to secure that.

Cancellation Policies

  • The cancellation policies outlined below take into consideration the costs TBC incurs long before travelers ever depart. Tours cancelled due to COVID-related travel restrictions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with the goal of providing as much flexibility as possible.


Instead of cancellation, can I reschedule my trip?

Absolutely. We organize each edition multiple times in a year. You can get the booking rescheduled for any other slot within one year from the start date of the trip. However you need to reschedule at least one month prior to the trip’s start date. This helps us to be fair with our service providers and staff.

I am looking to travel during this time, how do I get to know about the situation in that region?

The times today are extremely uncertain, with different states implementing different policies according to the situation with each passing day. We recommend that you get in touch with us in order to know the situation. For the same, you can drop your query at or leave a WhatsApp message on +91-8860156237

What can I do as a travller to be safe and to keep others safe?

  • If you have symptoms of cold, cough, or fever, avoid/postpone your travel and get yourself checked.

  • Carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and practice frequent hand washing. Make sure to wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

  • Avoid physical contact (and maintain a distance of 3 ft) with anyone who is displaying signs of cough, cold or fever.

  • Avoid touching your eyes/nose/mouth.

  • If you feel unwell, avoid public gatherings and contact the government helpline.

  • Make sure to wear a mask if you are coughing/sneezing

I am keen to book a trip, what if the state department travel advisory advice changes?

We constantly monitor changes in travel advice to the destinations in which we operate – should this advice change in the lead-up to your trip we will communicate this to you immediately and at that time can discuss the right course of action, as detailed above.


I really want To plan a future trip, but I’m worried about the uncertainty around travel while Covid-19 Is still around. What flexibility can you offer me in case I want or need to change plans?

Should you wish to change the dates of the trip - you can do so at any time for free.  If you wish to cancel the dates of your trip (for whatever reason) our terms provide minimal cancellation charges.

We know how it feels – you want to get away, but the news changes almost daily. That’s why our team of travel experts and travel planners are on-hand to help you lock something down, whether you want to go away soon or secure something special for next year.

Other Questions

 What level of artistic experience is required to be a part of TBC experience? Do I have to be an artist?
TBC experiences are for anyone who travels to explore, learn, grow, and get inspired, no matter what their skill level. You do not have to be an artist to join us, nor do you need any prior experience. All you need is an open mind and the willingness to learn. Your TBC mentor will take care of the rest! 
What’s the group size?
There will be 10 people per group, and each edition of the TBC program will typically last between 5 and 15 days, again depending on the art genre in question. 
What does a day at a TBC camp look like?  
A typical day at your TBC camp will include skill-building or craft-learning sessions of two-three hours followed by activities geared at cultural immersion. Walking, hiking, exploring the landscape and local cultural centers, getting up and close with the local people, their food, their customs as well as spending time practicing your own skills will all be part of your day. Some activities will be location-specific and are hence not named here. 
Can I take care of my work during the TBC experience?
We understand it's rather difficult to disconnect from job-related calls and messages. You’ll have a clear window of a few hours each day to take care of business. However, we would advise you to not use your phones, laptops, etc during the day when you’re part of the collective and engaging in different experiences. Detoxing from the constant noise of social media and the internet is vital too!
What's the refund / cancellation Policy?
The confirmation fee / payment for TBC is non-refundable. To change a pre-booked TBC edition, simply let us know 30 days before it is set to start (or sooner!). For instance:  Your edition starts on July 30, 30 days before which is June 31.  So you can change your edition on or before

June 31.
Do I need travel insurance?
Not really. The nature of the project is not extreme. However, should you still want one, you can purchase basic travel insurance online.
Will I need a travel visa?
The need for a visa will vary from an edition to edition; the TBC Team will give you a proper heads up about visa requirements when applicable to you. All visa costs will be borne by you. In case of visa-related problems that can affect your participation, you will be allowed to change your edition up to 30 days before the project. 
Do I need to bring extra money?
At TBC, all expenses related to your boarding, lodging, food, classes, and experiences are fully taken care of by us. You might need extra money for your shopping, extra food, alcohol etc.
Is TBC a non-profit?
TBC is a vision-driven for-profit organization. We aspire to create experiences that enable people to learn, explore, and grow while supporting the local economies. Hence, we partner with local operators and try to give back to society in whichever way possible.

Why should I go on a TBC experience?
Each TBC experience is an opportunity to explore, learn, and create. Come with us to take a digital detox (you know you need it!) and reconnect with the physical world. Discover a new destination and create real local connections. Spend time learning new creative skills. You can use these experiences to reconnect with creativity, have authentic travel experience, hone a skill, get fresh inspiration, and so much more.

If I have to leave in the middle of the TBC experience, am I eligible for a refund?
We understand that you may have to leave early in the case of an emergency, and we will try our best to facilitate your earliest departure, but a refund will unfortunately not be possible
All set? Book your experience today. 

Still have questions? Please reach out to us. The Blank Collective is happiest when it can help :)