Music of the Tropics x Ukulele

Live your musical dream- Learn to play a musical instrument and sing your own songs to the world!

A Quick Glance at the Plan

Day 1: Arrivals, Check-in, Introductions with the team, music, and Goan heritage
Day 2: Music sessions, Exploring nature and folk music in a quaint village
Day 3: Ukulele sessions by the sea, a full-moon night experience to remember
Day 4: Songwriting sessions, an open mic to perform your own songs
Day 5: A secret trek in the morning, closing session, & checkouts

Get more out of Goa than 99 percent of its tourists! This five-day edition of The Blank Collective has been curated to help you become your very own star. Learn the basics and the specifics of understanding music, playing the Ukulele, and writing songs in the exclusive masterclass of an actual music producer. 


When in Goa, do as Goans do! Stay in a traditional Goan villa close to nature. Eat healthy, holistic, homely Goan food. Discover Goan folk songs and sounds. Soak up that Goan sun from a quaint little cafe that no commercial guidebook ever did mention. Listen to stories about its history that no tour guide will tell you. 

And while you do all of this, get a sense of the true you. Challenge your mind with your musical mentor, challenge your body with your Goan exploration, challenge your tastebuds with authentic Goan foods, challenge your willpower with an electrical detox, challenge your perception of the Goan lifestyle with one-on-one chats with locals, and amidst this, challenge the views you had about what you can and cannot do. 

Unlearn life as you know it. 

What Goa edition has to offer

- 4 Nights & 5 Days accommodation in a beautiful villa 

- Daily skill-building sessions on the Ukulele and songwriting

- Wholesome meals on the house — breakfast, lunch, & dinner

- One-on-one discussions and feedback with the mentor 

- A safe space for an emotional and creative outlet

- Equipment and Stationery for your creative project

- Local explorations in and around Goa

- Local drinks and snacks 

- Transfers from the airport (at an additional charge)

If you're a resident of Goa, you are eligible to be a part of the Goa edition at a smaller cost. Get in touch to know more.

Meet Rajat

IMG_7476_reduced (1).jpg

A multi-instrumentalist music producer |

a singer-songwriter | an educationalist | an entrepreneur

As a Gandhi fellow, Rajat started his career working for social causes. After working as a consultant for educational institutions and government, he started the first zero-waste hostel in Bangalore which also promoted peer-to-peer learning. 

After running it successfully, he moved to Goa and started working for Kadence, one of India’s leading Music companies. He learned over a dozen musical instruments while also getting involved in the underground hip-hop scene. His long hiatus with learning and music inspired him to teach music in a fun and structured ways. At present, his first EP is under production while he has also started a new venture called Musical Journeys. He believes music is the best way to express the stories that every person has lived and felt.

Come, meet him and see how sharing your stories can be fun and undaunting.