Responsible Travel

Traveling feels great for us, of course, but does it feel the same for Mother Earth as well? Only when done mindfully! 

Man is forever the nomad; we have always been travelers. From Zhang Quian and the Viking voyagers to Marco Polo and the Wright brothers -- we have constantly found new regions, new reasons, and new ways to travel. Only now, it is fast becoming a problem. The alarming phenomenon of over-tourism has emerged in the past few years. Over-tourism is indeed destroying the world’s heritage slowly but systematically. There were traffic jams on the Himalayas for crying out loud!


We, at The Blank Collective, are dedicated to practising responsible travel. All our systems are designed to neutralise any foreseeable harm that travel could cause to the environment.

  • We adhere strictly to mindful practices that preserve the ecology of our destinations while simultaneously supporting its local communities economically and socio-culturally. 


  • We stay in traditional homestays and villas owned by locals for the most part. 


  • We savor local cuisine which is mostly created from locally available produce.


  • We are super diligent about our use of plastic
    We avoid the use of plastic bags that cause unnecessary non-biodegradable waste
    We encourage our travelers to carry their own water bottles and refill these at our stays
    We try and keep our consumption of processed foods to a minimum on our journeys to avoid generating plastic waste.

  • We try and ensure as much of our cash stays local as possible by eating at local restaurants, enlisting the help of local tour guides, and encouraging our travelers to shop local and patronize local organizations, thus giving back to them. 


  • We limit our group size to 10 or under. It not only helps us avoid over-tourism but also provides you a more intimate connection with the local people and their ways of life: a far more authentic holiday experience.

Come join us in our endeavor of restoring to tourism its inherently beneficial nature. 
Be a thoughtful, resourceful, and responsible traveler with The Blank Collective.